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Game chiến thuật tiền sử khá hay ho – Mystic Tribes – IDLE game

Xin chào mọi người nhé .. tiếp theo đây mình xin giới thiệu một tựa game giống Kỷ nguyên triệu hồi mà mình đã từng chơi qua .. nhưng lần này thì sẽ là ở thời tiền sử .. he he
Anh em sẽ có một tựa game khá nhẹ chỉ tầm 300M … đồ họa cũng được nha … số lượng tướng trong game cũng cực kỳ nhiều .. cơ mà thấy tỷ lệ ra tướng sao mà ít quá :)) .. khá là khó cho anh em khi mà muốn triệu hồi các tướng nha
Âm thanh game hay và lôi cuốn
Ưu đãi người chơi mới cũng khá là ngon
Chấm điểm 8/10 do không có tiếng việt :))
Mô tả game :
🗣️Respond The Call Of Ancients, Invoke The Mythical Summons; 🔥

🧙Arrange The Tribe Of Heroes, Begin The Adventure Of Mystical; ⚔️

Take A Sip Of The Perfect Mixture Of IDLE Mechanics And Turn-Based RPG, And Live Your Legend Out Of The Mysterious Prehistoric Era Right Here At Mystic Tribes!

Game Features:

💰24/7 Idle Reward Supplies 💎
Earn Free Gold, Diamonds, Heroes And More Rewards With No Restrictions Nor Paying Any Effort! Play Whenever Wherever, Heroes On Your Team Will Be Farming More Than Enough Resource For You Dusk Till Dawn Automatically Without A Click! Even If You’re AFK! Moreover There Are Tens Of Thousands Of Free Diamonds You Can Get Through Completing Quests And Tasks! Completely Free!

🗿Mythical Summons With Complete Transparent RNG💯
Multiple Types Of Gacha Gameplay Are Available With The RNGs Displayed Right In Your Sight, So You’re Crystal Clear Of How Lucky You Are!

🧒Easy Character Progression From Zero To Hero 🦸
Witness The Explosive Growth Of Your Tribe Heroes As You Proceed In The Adventure. There Is A Clear Path For You And Your Heroes To Achieve Glory, Building An Invincible Magic Team Has Never Been So Easy!

📋 Dynamic Tactics For Battle Fanatics 🛡️
Combine Heroes Of Different Classes, Make Them Combo And Gear Them Up With Legendary Equipments To Find Out The “Solution” To Your Opponents! Ancient Creatures, Diabolic Demons, Arena Warriors, Epic Bosses, Tribe Masters, All Awaiting For Your Challenge. You’re The Choicemaker Of Your Game And Every Decision Matters.

🥇Global Leaderboards And Rewarding Achievements 🏆
Be Good At One Thing And Then Fame Comes Along! You Will Be Rewarded For Every Small Step That You Make! Even Pulling Out A 5-Star Hero Out Of Summons Will Spread Your Name Over The Server! Don’t Know What Should You Be Grinding For? The Achievement List Will Guide You Through And Bring You To The Top Of The Global Leaderboard!

Network connection is required.
Mystic Tribes is free to download and play. Some in-app items can also be purchased for real money. In-app purchases can be disabled through your device’s settings.
By downloading this app, you agree to our privacy policy and terms of use.
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