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Khám phá tựa game chiến thuật màn hình dọc – King of Arena

Xin chào tuần mới anh em nhé …lần này là video dành cho fan màn hình dọc .. he he
Dạo gần đây thì game toàn thấy màn hình dọc thuận tiện cho việc thao tác … cơ mà nó không được tràn màn hình .. chơi chán quá à :))
Dung lượng game khá nhẹ .. chỉ hơn 100M 1 xíu .. rất phù hợp với anh em máy cấu hình yếu
Âm thanh game hay và lôi cuốn
Hệ thống tướng đa dạng ..
Gameplay đẹp .. dễ chơi .. dễ thao thác
Có tính năng IDLE .. offline treo máy nhận quà
Chỉ có tiếng Anh
Đồ họa game làm rất đẹp .. đúng ý mình luôn
Chấm điểm 7/10
Mô tả game :
#King_of_Arena is a skill-and-strategy fantasy idle RPG with unique artworks. Immerse yourself in action-packed and exciting battles with players around the globe while going AFK anytime you would like to relax!


👉 Summon Heroes with Stunning Graphics
Over 100 mythic heroes beautifully illustrated are waiting to be added in your collection! Raise your champions and see how their appearances will change as they evolve. Can you get a complete set of them?

👉 Idle and Auto
Try out the offline auto mode anytime and everywhere. Your heroes will still be fighting for you even if you are offline for a break. Just grab all the treasures in your loot chest whenever you are back and ready for a fresh start!

👉 Customize Squad with Strategies
Easy to play yet hard to master, King of Arena offers many possible ways for you to customize your own team. There are Race Restraint, Formation Buffs, Position in the Lineup, Gears, Artifact, Runes, and many more to consider when strategizing your own troop!

👉 Beyond Idle Style
Explore the rich gameplay as you finish quests in Tavern, solve puzzles in Dark Maze, climb the endless Dark Tower, reap Raids for daily gains, meet extra challenges in Ghost Rift, fight for No.1 in Arena, clash with enemies in Crusade, and go through Ancient Ruin with limited force! Enjoy challenges that are never ever stopping!

👉 Ally with Players Worldwide
Fight alongside the like-minded from all over the world, found a family and enjoy various bonuses as well as resources available in your Guild. Share tactics with your Guildmates and together you will make your Guild the best ever!

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Network connection is required.
King of Arena is free to download and play, some in-app items can also be purchased for real money. In-app purchases can be disabled through your device’s settings.
By downloading this app, you agree to our privacy policy and terms of use.

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